Bookkeeping Services

  •  Quick Books Assistance – Helping existing onsite staff with Quick Books processes, transactions, reporting, etc.
  • Peachtree Assistance – Helping existing onsite staff with Peachtree processes.
  • Process & Report – Virtually onsite for your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually transactions.
  • We help the “shoe box” become an accurate set of books and financial statement in no time.

Accounting Services

  • We prepare quarterly and annual account reconciliation for all balance sheet accounts and keep profit and loss accounts for review by external CPA.
  • We prepare comparative profit and loss statement with month over month, act versus budget, year over year.  Not only do we provide the difference, but we explain them, so you can compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges.
  • We are your “bridge” between your internal staff and external CPA.
  • We can create budgets on an annual, or quarterly basis as needed.
  • We can provide ratio analysis and metrics on your company.

Cash Management

  • We will create, maintain, review and forecast cash balance on a 52 weeks rolling schedule.
  • We use historical and seasonal data to calculate estimated cash in and cash out with the resulting ending cash balance.
  • This takes the overhead from what all small business owners go through daily… “I have $5000 in the bank today, I am expecting a customer payment of $10,000 on Thursday and I have payroll of $9,000 on Friday.  What can I pay today?”
  • This product is customized to the individual needs and industry standards of your business whether it is retail, manufactures or service based.